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‎‎Herman Düne
Herman Düne is a French group from Paris who recorded seven Peel sessions in four years from October 2000. Neman (2007): "Without John Peel we wouldn't have the chance to play in England and have people follow us. He just decided he liked us" ... Read More >
Barrington Levy
Barrington Ainsworth Levy (born Clarendon, Jamaica, 30 April 1964) is a Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist. A particular favourite of Peel appears to have been 'Murderation', a collaboration with Beenie Man, which he was playing as late as 2002 ... Read More >
The Meteors are an English psychobilly band formed in 1980, often credited with giving the subgenre its distinctive sound and style, fusing punk rock with rockabilly. The band recorded the first of their four Peel sessions in 1981 ... Read More >

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Cartoon Network - 'BBC' ident (1996)

Cartoon Network - 'BBC' ident (1996)

JP: "Coming up next on the Cartoon Network, the Ghost Planet will explode." Space Ghost Coast To Coast, 1996.



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Record Collection: Details of the first 100 LPs of each letter of John Peel's record collection were released at The Space website in 2012, including unexpected items featuring Spoken Word, Comedy, Classical and Opera. All material is now available at John Peel Archive and YouTube. Since Sept. 2014, a new Record Boxes series features selections from the collection by key music figures.

Peel Mailing List: Long hosted by Yahoo, the online group dedicated to Peel moved to at the end of Nov. 2019.

If you have tapes of vintage Peel shows that you would like to share or get help converting to digital formats, please contact the Peel Mailing List, where you will find many people keen to help you.

The John Peel Centre for Creative Arts is a vibrant venue run by enthusiastic volunteers in Stowmarket, Suffolk. Music, dance, theatre & visual arts.


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Working with the Ravenscroft family to build a digital archive of John Peel's record collection.


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