Jon Horne is the proprietor of The Peel Tapes, one of the best sources of archive peel shows on the internet. The site is no longer available, but content can still be accessed through the Internet Archive.

The Peel tapes

For those who miss the voice of sanity mingled with the music of nosebleeds, this site provides an archive of past programmes for listeners across the world to download and enjoy. Anyone who wants to share a tape with us, please make an MP3 out of it, and send it via You Share It, You Send It, Rapid Share, with as "Recipient's Email Address". Anyone who sent me an e-mail during early December, sorry, but my old address got cut off.

Due to the nature of this site (i.e. that the files are on other servers), some links expire after a while (for reasons too dull to discuss). If you missed one and would like it posted again, please write and let me know. Programmes change every week or so, and will do until we all run out of tapes.

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