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Joyrider were an indie rock band from Portadown, Northern Ireland. The band consisted of Phil Woolsey (guitar, vocals), Cliff Mitchell (guitar), Simon Haddock (bass) and Keith Irwin, Buc Hamill / Carl Alty (drums). Joyrider initially signed to Andy Cairns' Blunt record label, but after releasing their first two EPs signed a recording contract with Paradox Records.

The band's biggest hit was a cover of the Jane Wiedlin song, "Rush Hour". They supported Terrorvision on their May 1995 United Kingdom tour.

Woolsey later played in the bands Ninebar International and Roque Junior. and now fronts Papa Luna. Haddock is now a member of Trucker Diablo, who played the Download Festival in June 2011, toured with Black Stone Cherry and were booked for Hammerfest in March 2012 on the same bill as Anthrax, Skindred and Evile.

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Peel first played the group's material in 1994 and would play further material from the band until 1996, including a live performance at the 1995 Reading Festival and two sessions for his programmes. He also included their video, 'It Moved', as one of the songs for 120 Minutes, which he presented an episode of in 1995.



JOYRIDER (1st John Peel Session 1995)

1. Recorded: 1995-05-09. First Broadcast: 09 June 1995. Repeated: 27 January 1996

  • Vegetable/Animal/Mineral / Fabulae / Special One / DRB

2. Recorded: 1996-02-27. First Broadcast: 09 March 1996

  • Rush Hour / Lost In Time / Bibleblack Belt / Another Skunk Song


Recorded at the Reading Festival on 1995-08-25. First Broadcast: 26 August 1995

  1. Gone
  2. Nobody Home
  3. Strike Sparks Everywhere
  4. Bible Blackbelt
  5. That Tired
  6. It Moved

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JOYRIDER - Dweeb King


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