John Peel-FSK-DAT-04-07
  • 2004-07-??
  • Peel plays some tracks that were listed as the ten best psychedelic rock tunes by Will Sergeant in The Independent newspaper published on 2nd July 2004. [1] The ten best listed by Will Sergeant consists of Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne, Craig - I Must Be Mad, Tomorrow - My White Bicycle, 23rd Turnoff - Michael Angelo, Simon Dupree And The Big Sound - Kites, Fire - Father's Name Was Dad, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - The L S Bumblebee, David McWilliams - The Days Of Pearly Spencer, Smoke - My Friend Jack and Tintern Abbey - Vacuum Cleaner. Most of these tracks are from the British scene of 1966-67, when "psychedelic" was a word applied to any record which sounded strange. Some are quite obscure, and only Tomorrow's "My White Bicycle" was played regularly by Peel on his Radio London shows. Simon Dupree And The Big Sound's "Kites", however, was a chart hit and the band (minus Dupree) later evolved into Gentle Giant.
  • Peel mentions playing for the first time a record from the former Soviet republic of Georgia by TBA. In fact Peel did play some records from Georgia, among the items from the BBC Archives featured on Night Ride in 1968-9, although these were of traditional folk and religious music. One track from Georgia was included on the John Peel's Archive Things LP.
  • Peel plays a Czech alternative rock band named Deverova Chyba.
  • Peel plays a track from Susanna And The Magical Orchestra covering Dolly Parton's Jolene.


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  • John Peel-FSK-DAT-04-07
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  • Thanks to Max-dat for the recording.