Kalesijski Svuci (sometimes known as Kalesijski Zvuci) are a Bosnian folk group formed in 1981 at Ilidža in Bosnia & Herzegovina consisting originally of members Hazim Djedović, Senad Mesić, Jusuf Osmanović, Hasan Požegić, Ramo Salkić, and Mimo Hajrić.The band use instruments such as the violin, sargija (a stringed instrument of the sax family), accordion, modern electric guitar and the rhythm section.

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Peel had a copy of the band's 'Bosnian Breakdown: The Unpronounceable Beat Of Sarajevo' album through the Globe Style record label in 1992 and played some tracks from it on his show. The tracks were played on his show just after the Bosnian civil war started.

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Ja Te Cekam Milice

Ja Te Cekam Milice


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