• Karl'sTape 01 - January 1982
  • 1982-01
  • Edited highlights of David Jensen and John Peel shows from period dated in title. No links. The sessions featured - The Sinatras and The Fire Engines were repeated together on 05 January 1982 so safe to surmise that at least some of the tracks come from the Peel show of that date..



  • K18Jan82side1 and K18Jan82side2
  • 01:01:35 and 01:01:18
  1. ML: "Identified as “Ringo” on wiki tracklistings – aka Johnny Ringo as a dancehall toasting reggae stylee – seems to be a version of classic get ready but can’t identify further ..." [1] and [2].
  2. ML: "Again, probably a session track from 7/12/1981 that was repeated on 5/1/1982."
  3. ML: "Can’t find listing of release in 1981 but lyrics are here. Peel probably had it on an obscure Jamaican import.
  4. ML: "Listed as The Sinatras – and could well be a session track but it appears to be entitled “the time has come” and from my limited knowledge this doesn’t really sound like the Sinatras I know and love and none of the session tracks have an appropriate title . Could it be the” time has come” by the Original Mirrors? An early outing for Ian Broudie of Lightning Seeds that I know Peel was playing in 1981? [3] although can’t find it online to listen to ..."
  5. ML: "Listed as The Gaillards by Karl this is actually The Gaylads who started off in the Rocksteady/Ska era but on this disc they appear as the Gaillads. In true Jamaican style the name of this band gets changed a lot and is sometimes The Gaylords. I think this was often done on purpose to confuse people at dances so they couldn’t track down the number – or possibly so rival producers could release records by other producer’s bands. I know this was the case with “white labels” or maybe it was just that the places where they printed the labels were just not very efficient as spelling is difficult after imbibing ganja?"
  6. ML: "A dancehall reggae artist whose name appears in various forms and reflects thebizarre connection between reggae and spaghetti westerns - see this."
  7. ML: "It says “Shake” on Karl’s inlay – a catchy little number – Slits meet the Invisible Girls. Shake your body Move your Feet. I know I know this ..."
  8. ML: "Prophetic 4 is the name on Karl’s inlay which would lead you to track called Escape – but that’s a 1987 no idea ... again sounds good – very Gang of Four/Wild Swans - could be called One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest? Is about the plot of the film of that name ..." The subsequent Nightsun release was in 1983 so suggesting the 1987 date on discogs is wrong. NB also played on 17 December 1981 so clearly Discogs wrong. Correction made