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Kate Anna Rusby (born 4 December 1973) is an English folk singer-songwriter from Penistone, West Riding of Yorkshire, England. Sometimes called the "Barnsley Nightingale", she has headlined various British national folk festivals, and is one of the best known contemporary English folk singers. In 2001 The Guardian described her as "a superstar of the British acoustic scene." In 2007 the BBC website described her as "The first lady of young folkies". She is one of the few folk singers to have been nominated for the Mercury Prize.

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Peel played some tracks from her on his programmes, including the song, 'Wild Goose", which was used in the Radio Two series, As I Roved Out: A Century Of Folk Music, which he presented. His friend and colleague, Andy Kershaw, was very enthusiastic about Rusby's work and played many songs by her on his programmes, including both album tracks and sessions. According to the Andy Kershaw: Show And Session List she recorded seven sessions for his shows.

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Kate Rusby - Sir Eglamore (live, with lyrics, click 'show more' )


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