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Killing Joke are an English post-punk band formed in October 1978 in Notting Hill, London, England; other sources report the band formed in early 1979. Founding members Jaz Coleman (vocals, keyboards) and Geordie Walker (guitars) have been the only constant members ... (read more at Wikipedia)

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"We kind of got friends to stand in front of the BBC and push the first EP into Peel’s hand as he walked in, and Peel thought it was a set up or joke, a famous band masquerading under a different name, which is why he dropped by the first Peel session to see who we were." (Jaz Coleman, Quietus interview, 2012)[1]

Peel was impressed with the group's debut single and quickly booked them in for a session. This also impressed: "a gem of a session" said Peel when it was first broadcast on 29 October 1979, adding "I can't tell you how much pleasure it gives me, even after all of these years, to be able to bring you sessions as good as this one - particularly when it's the band's debut session."

Despite playing their 1980 single "Pssyche" at least ten times over the years, he either never noticed, or ignored, the instance of bad language at the end of the track.

Festive Fifty Entries


  • Five sessions for Peel. The first four were released on The Peel Sessions 1979-81. The fifth is available on the remastered CD release of Fire Dances.
  • Killing Joke co-founder Youth also recorded one session with Brilliant (1982).

1. First broadcast 29 October 1979. Repeated 20 December 1979, 05 June 1984

  • Psyche / Wardance / Nuclear Boy / Malicious Boogie

2. First broadcast 17 March 1980. Repeated 01 April 1980, 01 May 1980 and 29 December 1980.

  • Change / Tomorrow's World / Complications

3. First broadcast 27 April 1981. Repeated 14 May 1981 and 13 July 1981.

  • The Fall Of Because / Tension / Butcher

4. First broadcast 16 December 1981. Repeated 11 January 1982 and 04 March 1982.

  • The Hum / The Empire Song / We Have Joy / Chop Chop

5. First broadcast 12 July 1983. Repeated 01 August 1983.

  • Willful Days / Frenzy / Dominator / Harlequin

Other Shows Played

(The list below is incomplete and compiled only from the database of this site. Please add further details if known.)

  • 19 February 1994: Exorcism (single) Butterfly Records
  • 26 February 1994 (BFBS): Exorcism (12") Butterfly (JP before track - "I was faintly horrified when I saw somewhere that Killing Joke had got back together again, because these sorts of things, you know their early records were wonderful at the time, but the later ones I thought were rather tedious, and I though this was just some kind of money-making scheme and the results of it were going to be fairly horrid. Well as it turns out, they're not.")

Top Of The Pops

  • 07 March 1985 (TOTP): "At 19, the teen-terrific Killing Joke, 'Love Like Blood'". (mentioned in chart countdown)
  • Peel 003 (BFBS) (early 1985?): Love Like Blood (7") E'G (JP: "Well, that's a bit turgid in my view, but on the other hand, I thought you'd be interested to hear it.")
  • Peel 017 (BFBS) (1985): Are You Receiving (10"-Turn To Red) Malicious Damage

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