Broadcast Date

  • 1999-06

Cassette Brand / Description

  • Philips FX


  • C-90


  • 258 written on tape label. With intros and outros.


  • Very Good

Track Listing

Peelenium 1915 17 June 1999

  1. Jack Normoth & Orchestra: Kitty The telephone Girl
  2. Marie Lloyd: A Little Of What You Fancy
  3. Vesta Tilley, Ray Wallis & Orchestra: Jolly Good Luck To The Girl Who Loves A Soldier/Following In Father's Footsteps/The Seaside Sultan
  4. The Debroy Somers Band: Here We Are Again/Sister Susy's Sewing Shirts For Soldiers/Never Mind/Army Of Today's Alright/We Haven't Seen The Kaiser

Peelenium 1916 22 June 1999

  1. Walter Jeffries: Everybody's Crazy On the Foxtrot
  2. Al Jonson: A Broken Doll
  3. Jack Pleasants: Watching The Trains Come In
  4. Ella Shields: I'm Burlington Bertie From Bow


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