Broadcast Date

  • 1999-07

Cassette Brand / Description

  • Philips FX


  • C-90


  • 264 written on tape label. With intros and outros. Follows 265 and precedes 267 in sequence


  • Good, though some dropouts/low level in LH channel. Also, some slight slow-downs and eventual tape breakage at the end of side 1.....

Track Listing

Peelenium 1926 14 July 1999

  1. Blind Blake: 'Come On Boys Let's Do That Messin' Round'
  2. John Hamp's Kentucky Serenaders: 'Blackbottom Charleston Foxtrot'
  3. Henry Hall and His Gleneagles Hotel Band: 'Bird Song At Even Tide'
  4. Happiness Boys: 'She Knows Her Onions'

Peelenium 1925 13 July 1999

  1. Cyril Norman & Herman Darewski: 'When Sergeant Major's On Parade'
  2. Savoy Havana Band: 'Ogo Pogo'
  3. Sir Harry Lauder: 'Keep Right On To The End Of The Road'


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