Broadcast Date

  • 1993-01-09

Cassette Brand / Description

  • TDK D


  • C-120


  • PEEL on label


  • Very good


09 January 1993

1991 Festive Fifty

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26 February 1993

  • cuts in
  • Therapy?: 'Accelerator' (EP 'Short Sharp Shock) A&M
(JP: 'In our house in moments of despair, we shout "Kimble!" and this happens.')
  • Fall: 'Kimble' (Single) Strange Fruit
  • Noel Ellis: 'Don't You Know (version)' (Single) Powerhouse
  • Codeine: 'Jr' (Peel Session)
(JP: 'The search for that missing Little Richard cover version continues, and I'm getting towards the end of the aitches. This is one of the records that I came up with this week, and a gem it is too. It was a number one record in Dallas when I lived there. Ah! Brings back wonderful memories.')
(JP: 'I was listening to hot new records this morning as I was putting this programme together, and this one produced a bead of sweat on my upper lip and the Pig said that she liked it as well.')
(JP: 'And because I know that they're now back in Prague and can't hear this programme, I'll have a stab at the lineup of the band... in case anybody sends them a tape of this, I apologise for getting your names wrong. It's pretty much a tradition of the programme, I have to say that.')
  • Eggs: 'The Government Administrator' (7" Single) Hemiola
(JP: 'This "Veteran DJ In No Glasses Horror" business is really getting me down. If I sit bolt upright in an unnaturally erect position I can just get far enough away from the page to read that it says the Eggs on Hemiola Records.')

1991 Festive Fifty: Number 36

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