Next on TEN (The Movie Channel) and Ident

Next on TEN (The Movie Channel) and Ident

Peel narrating the trailer

Last Feelings (Italian: L'ultimo sapore dell'aria) is an Italian 1978 melodrama film written and directed by Ruggero Deodato. A story of a back-street boy, who, unwanted and unloved, rejected by society, his teachers and finally his adopted family, had one burning ambition: To become someone. There was Claudia to help. A first experience in the joy of young love. Diego proves himself a swimmer. Against all the odds he becomes the championship hope of the very people who rejected him. Last Feelings is one boy's dream of happiness that turns to tragedy. He had so much to live for but so little time to live it.

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Peel did the voiceover for the trailer of the movie on Rediffusion Cablevision channel Ten's, The Movie Channel sometime in 1984. The channel was broadcast in the UK and was only possible to view through a white cable box, provided by the company. Satellite and cable TV eventually put an end to the company's services.

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