Leftfield is a British electronic music group formed in 1989. It began as the duo of Neil Barnes and Paul Daley (the latter formerly of the Rivals and A Man Called Adam). In January 2010 Barnes resurrected Leftfield without Daley and, after touring for a few years, finished writing new material for a third album entitled Alternative Light Source. Daley declined to be involved and is focusing upon his solo career. The duo was very influential in the evolution of electronic music in the 1990s, with Mixmag describing them as "the single most influential production team working in British dance music". As with many of their contemporaries, such as the Chemical Brothers, Leftfield was notable for their use of guest vocalists in their works. Among those involved were Toni Halliday on "Original", Johnny Rotten on "Open Up", Djum Djum on "Afro-Left", and Earl 16 and Cheshire Cat on "Release the Pressure". The term progressive house was coined to define their style, a fusion of house with dub and reggae.

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On his 11 April 1990 show, Peel reads out a letter from Neil Barnes of Leftfield, who sent him their debut single, describing the record and requesting JP to play a Horace Andy record, which he did. Leftfield's music started to get prominent on Peel's shows during the 90's, including gaining an entry in the 1995 Festive Fifty with the track, Afro-Left.

In an interview with Neil Barnes and Paul Daley of the group, published in 2017 on The Skinny, Paul Daley mentioned how Peel influenced Leftfield via dub and reggae:

"Dub and reggae had been around in my life from punk gigs of the mid seventies, and listening to the John Peel late night shows of the late seventies – it had a big influence on a lot of the feel of Leftism." [1]

Festive Fifty Entries


Recorded: 2000-06-24. Broadcast: 24 June 2000, 29 June 2000

  • Set unknown

Shows Played

Leftfield - Afro Left

Leftfield - Afro Left

  • 02 September 1999: Phat Planet (Dave Clarke Remix) (Afrika ShoxHard Hands - HAND 057 T)

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