Witch - Dream 1 - Leslie Weiner-0

Witch - Dream 1 - Leslie Weiner-0

Dream 1 (LP- Witch)

Leslie Winer is an American poet and musician best known for her pioneering trip-hop album 'Witch,' first released in the early 1990s under the artist name ©. In 2012, Wormhole re-released Witch and put out a compilation of her work, &c.

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Peel played Winer on his show as early as 1990 and gave extensive airtime to 'Witch' in summer 1993. He appears to have had known very little about the artist when playing 'The Boy Who Used To Whistle' for the first time, on 18 June 1990:

"It is always very useful when you get stacks of information with a record - Tony the bass player comes from Hereford, where his dad works as a baker, that kind of stuff. But at the same time there is something intriguing about getting a record with no information at all. This is my way of telling you that I know nothing at all about this next record beyond the fact that it appears to be by somebody or some people called C, simply the letter C."
In 2012, when details of Peel's Record Collection were first released by TheSpace website, 'Witch' was the first LP in the initial 100 albums of the C section (filed under the artist name C).[1] It was subsequently featured as the "Hidden Gem" for the letter C at the John Peel Archive blog.[2]

In autumn 2012, Tom Ravenscroft, Peel's son, played tracks from Winer on his BBC Radio6 Music show.[3] [4]

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