• Liverpool's Night Of Victory
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1981
  • Another in a small but select series of compilations by Mark. This one includes JP's reminiscences about seeing Liverpool beat Real Madrid 1-0 to win the European Cup on 27 May 1981. Peel had such fond memories of the night that part of the BBC commentary was later included on his self-compiled FabricLive.07 compilation.
  • Mark comments: "This seems to have been recorded over a month apart with New Order on 16/4 whilst The Birthday Party (#2) and Members were broadcast together on 28/4. Whilst his return from Paris was recorded on May 28 (the night after Liverpool's victory in Paris) – and what a show. The links between the tracks on his return from Paris will delight any Peelite Liverpool FC fans. they are long and rambling and Peel is obviously on a high - he tells great anecdotes about his trip to Paris with John Gorman - meeting John Toshack, holding the European Cup and hugging Bill Shankly - and the musics not bad too. In about 2001 [1] I contacted the show (by email) for the only time in my life to ask him if he would like a copy of this – he said yes on air and mentioned me by name – I almost whooped with delight – but then I never did it and soon it was too late. Will feel guilty for the rest of my life – toyed with the idea of sending it to Shiela and the offspring after the event but felt it was inappropriate and would be very odd for them to hear his voice from beyond the grave. Quality poor as played to death… Quads are here – one of his single box songs if anyone is ever going to reconstruct that? Who else would play: Reynaldo and the Loaf – Kimbolton Gnome Song followed by Wildman Fisher. The Girls At Our Best track is "I'm Beautiful Now" - just looked it up on my vinyl copy of their LP but the unknown track that I have listed as A Certain Ratio - Postal Shopping is nothing like the Certain Ratio I know although the title seems right ... it sounds maddingly familiar." Note this has been identified as Postal Bargains by The Diagram Brothers.




  • Liverpool's Night Of Victory
  • 01:32:27
  1. Actually 08 July 1999.
  2. In hindsight, it is highly likely John was not joking. The Howard Brenton play he refers to depicted on-stage homosexual rape, and JP describes his own sexual abuse at public school on pages 61-2 of Margrave Of The Marshes (Bantam Press, 2005).
  3. Peel admits to not knowing what ICB stands for, conjecturing 'Intercontinental Ballistic'. It is rumoured to stand for 'Ian Curtis Buried'.
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