"His voice is husky and warm - my only reservation is that he seems more concerned with the potential sound of the words than with their meanings - a common fault among what are erroneously referred to as 'equality' singers". [1]


Lovelace Watkins (March 6, 1938–June 11, 1995) was an American Las Vegas-based singer and performer who achieved prominence in America as well as in Europe and Australia. Nicknamed "The Black Sinatra", his stage personality was considered earthy and electric. However this charisma and the power and quality of his voice never quite came over on his record releases. As a result of this, plus poor management decisions and a Hollywood screen test that never transpired, Lovelace never reached his full potential in the United States. In the UK, his performances were popular, even to the extent of being broadcast on the BBC in the early 70's. After the 70's, his record career ended with Lovelace starting a successful company that prepped apartments and commercial buildings for rental companies in the Las Vegas area, and continued singing at various functions in Las Vegas before dying of leukemia in 1995.

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Peel was a fan of Lovelace's vocals and went with Sheila, John Walters and his girlfriend at the time, Helen in 1971 to see him perform at the 'Talk of the Town' in London . He described Lovelace's performance in the Disc & Music Echo music paper (later reprinted in the Olivetti Chronicles, Corgi edition, p206) as 'worth seeing for the way he mesmerises the audience with his laughter, sentiment and old-time show-biz panache'.

Viv Stanshall was also a fan of Lovelace's voice, when he played a record of his on the Radio Flashes show, broadcast on 14 August 1971, whilst Peel was away on holiday.

Shows Played

You've Made Me So Very Happy (Live)

You've Made Me So Very Happy (Live)



  • Singles: 'Rain Falls Anywhere It Wants To (7")' (York)

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