Mahmoud Ahmed (born May 18, 1941) (Amharic: መሀሙድ አህመድ) is an Ethiopian singer of Gurage ancestry. He gained great popularity in Ethiopia in the 1970s and among the Ethiopian diaspora in the 1980s before rising to international fame with African music fans in Europe and the Americas.

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Peel played a track from the artist on his 30 November 1991 show and mentioned that in the 80's he was playing Mahmoud's music, when his popularity was risen with the Belgian label Crammed Discs releasing the collection Ere Mela Mela, which was drawn from two LPs Mahmoud had recorded in Addis Ababa with the Ibex Band a decade earlier.

Shows Played

Mahmoud Ahmed - Ethiopiques 7 - 07 Ohoho Gedma

Mahmoud Ahmed - Ethiopiques 7 - 07 Ohoho Gedma.wmv

  • 15 July 1986: Indenesh Gedaou (LP - Ere Mela Mela) Crammed Discs

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