• Please fill in the tape name/number in the box immediately below. Each tape collection has its own prefix. For example, 400 Box tapes are numbered have T before the number (see 400 Box (tapes) page for a full list of these). Details for 400 Box show tapes should also be available on Rocker's 400 Box spreadsheet.
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  • In the editing window, please fill in the various sections with all the details you can, preview the page, and save it once you've finished. Don't worry if you can't fill in every detail; further information can always be added later.
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New Tape Page Template

  • Please write the broadcast date in the style of John Peel Wiki, with a zero before single-digit numbers (eg. 01 January 1981, not 1 January 1981), and add an internal link to that date. Other dates (sent by Rocker, returned to Rocker) can be in any style and do not need links.
  • "Tracklisting" primarily refers to whether the tape came with a written inset card or other tracklisting attached. On this page, it may be worthwhile to put the tracks on each side of the tape, indicating where different shows start and stop, but this should usually be clear on the date page for the show.
  • If available, you may wish to add a scan or digital picture of any tracklisting that came with the tape or of the tape itself. Please use the "Add Image" tab at the top of the editing window to do this.
  • Please select the appropriate categories at the bottom of the page.
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