Malcolm X-No Sell Out

Malcolm X-No Sell Out

Malcolm X was the credited artist for the 'No Sell Out' single featuring vocal samples of American black activist Malcolm X (1925-1965), released by American drummer Keith LeBlanc on Tommy Boy Records in November 1983. It marked one of the first usages of sample-based composition in popular music and was the first hip hop song to use Malcolm X's voice for artistic and political reasons. No other release under the Malcolm X moniker was ever made.

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Peel played the single 'No Sell Out' on his shows in the early 80's and later gave airtime to Keith LeBlanc's Enemy Within collaboration with Adrian Sherwood, 'Support The Miners', featuring vocal samples of striking miners' leader Arthur Scargill. The DJ subsequently played LeBlanc's solo work and releases with Sherwood as part of Tackhead.

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