Manekineko Kagekidan (招き猫カゲキ団) was a Japanese side project of Sachiho Kojima and Sayoko Takahashi, both members of the all female Japanese band, Zelda. The duo only released one album in 1984, before going back to their respective band, which split in 1996.

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Peel had a copy of their 10" mini-album in 1985, after he requested the Frank Chickens before going to Japan, to get him a copy of a Japanese record. After coming back from a tour in Japan, the band gave him a copy of Manekineko Kagekidan's album, which Peel could not identify the artist or title, because of the record being written in the Japanese language. He played a track from their album on his 29 October 1985 show, but it is not known according to current playlists, whether he played anymore tracks.

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  • 29 October 1985: 砂漠のマリアンヌ (10" - 第一歌曲集) (Note: discogs currently lists their 1989 re-issue on the German Telegraph record label rather than the original 1984 Japanese release)

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