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Marc Riley (born in Manchester, Lancashire, England, 10 July 1961) is a British musician, alternative rock critic and radio DJ on BBC Radio 6 Music. Formerly a member of the Fall, he had his own record label, In-Tape, and also formed Marc Riley And The Creepers (also known as Marc Riley With The Creepers and later on simply called The Creepers). The Creepers were: Marc Riley (Guitar/Vocals), Eddie Fenn (Drums), Paul Fletcher (Guitar), Pete Keogh (Bass) Paul Fletcher and Pete Keogh were later replaced by Mark Tilton on Guitar and Phil Roberts on Bass. The records they made were full of hard hitting humour and remained as opinionated as those of Riley`s former Boss Mark E. Smith (who apparently wrote the sarcastic Middle Class about Riley). Riley also contributed to a flexidisc single for the Oink! comic under the name of The Oinkletts in 1986. Marc eventually split up The Creepers in 1987 after having got nearly no commercial success. Marc has worked in radio since about 1990 and for 14 years of that he worked with Mark Radcliffe on BBC Radio 5 and BBC Radio One, during which time he was known as Lard. He joined BBC Radio 6 Music in April 2004.

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Peel got into the Creepers, when Marc Riley left one of Peel's favourite bands, The Fall, to create a new band called Marc Riley & The Creepers. The group did 5 sessions for Peel's show between 1983 and 1987. After the band split, Peel wondered what became of Marc Riley. On 01 December 1990, Peel thought Riley left music and did a job stripping houses. The duo would meet regularly when Riley joined BBC Radio One as part of Mark And Lard with Mark Radcliffe. Peel would sometimes present Mark And Lard's show when the duo were away. However after Peel's death, Marc Riley paid tribute on the 2005 Channel 4 documentary John Peel's Record Box. As part of the 10th anniversary of Peel's death in 2014 on BBC Six Radio, Riley commented that his greatest memory of Peel was when he covered Mark Ratcliffe's show on BBC Radio One during the 90's. He also mentioned that he had co-presented a show with Peel, but felt it wasn't a success [1].


First session was released on Marc Riley With The Creepers ‎– Creeping At Maida Vale (1984, In Tape, Vinyl)

1. Recorded: 1983-11-21. Broadcast: 29 November 1983. Repeated: Peel Late Nov 1983, 15 December 1983

  • Cure By Choice / Location Bangladesh / Baby Paints / Blow Your Own Trumpet / Pickin' The Nose

2. Recorded: 1984-06-26. Broadcast: 05 July 1984. Repeated: 23 July 1984, 19 December 1984, 28 May 1985

  • Snipe / Hole 4 A Soul / Shirt Scene / Shadow Figure

3. Recorded: 1985-08-25. Broadcast: 04 September 1985. Repeated: 23 October 1985

  • Black Dwarf / Bard Of Woking / Goin' Rate / Cold Fish

4. Recorded: 1986-05-27. Broadcast: 04 June 1986. Repeated: 23 June 1986

  • Another Song About Motorbikes / The Adventures Of Brian Glider / Bank Of Horrors / Stroke Of Genius

5. Recorded: 1987-02-08. Broadcast: 25 February 1987. Repeated: 17 March 1987, 02 June 1987

  • Lucky / Yea Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread / Sparks / Tearjerker


Recorded: 1984-10-12. Live At The ICA. Broadcast: 03 December 1984

  1. Location Bangladesh
  2. Down In The Bunker
  3. Shirt Scene
  4. Snipe

Other Shows Played

Marc Riley & The Creepers - Judas Sheep

Marc Riley & The Creepers - Judas Sheep

The Creepers - Baby's On Fire-0

The Creepers - Baby's On Fire-0

The Creepers cover of Brian Eno's 'Baby's On Fire'

  • 15 July 1989 (BFBS) (Peel 109 (BFBS)): (JP: 'I was wondering the other day, whatever became of Marc Riley? I phoned somebody in Manchester to find out, but to be perfectly honest with you, I've forgotten the answer. But here he is with the Creepers.') 'Another Song About Motorbikes (LP-Miserable Sinners)' (Constrictor) (JP: 'It'd be a sad thing if he's turned his back on showbiz. Mind you, I don't blame him if he has.')
  • 25 July 1989: Bank Of Horrors (LP - Miserable Sinners) In Tape
  • Peel Summer 1989: Shadow Figure (album - Sleeper - A Retrospective) Bleed 
  • 11 September 1989: Shadow Figure (album - Sleeper A Retrospective) Bleed
  • 18 December 1993(JP: ‘and what is going on your 1FM fun turntable next, is Lardy boy or whatever he’s called.)  ‘Cure By Choice (12 inch – Creeping At Maida Vale)’ (In Tape) 

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