• 2002-03-??
  • Peel plays two different cover versions at the beginning of the show featuring Diff'rent Stripes covering White Stripes' White Yorba and Bis covering Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart.
  • Peel plays his favourite record of the month called Identify The Beat by Marc Smith vs Safe n Sound.
  • Peel mentions that after the show in a few hours time he'll be flying off to New Zealand where amongst others he'll be speaking in a seminar to record industry people and admitted that he knows very little about the record industry.
  • Peel mentions that a collective movement called Nab Woodley have done quite few things for his programmes, including distributing prizes to people, taking a bunch of records to a person living in the west coast of Ireland and also travelling to Kenya to buy records for him after he made an appeal a few months ago for 7" records from Kenya on his show. Nab Woodley brought 168 Kenyan records to him and so far has listened to two of them, one of them gets played on the show from Orchestre Sentima.
  • Peel plays a track from a Polish death metal band called Decapitated.
  • Peel mentions Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana, America and says he would like to visit again, saying the last time he visited there was 35 years ago or so, whilst driving on a causeway over the lake. He mentions that on the causeway, you could see no land beyond the horizon and goes on to say that one of his ambitions is to return there driving over it.


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  • John Peel-FSK-DAT-02-03
  • 2:00:46
  • Thanks to Max-dat for the recording.