Marine Girls

Marine Girls were an English post-punk group from Hatfield, Hertfordshire. The group was formed in 1980, by two sixth form school friends: Tracey Thorn and Gina Hartman. Originally, Thorn just played guitar and Hartman was the lead vocalist and percussionist. Thorn overcame her shyness and started singing too by the time they started making records. They were later joined by Jane Fox on bass and her younger sister, Alice, on joint vocals and percussion. The group formally disbanded in 1983 with Tracey Thorn continued working with Everything But The Girl and the Fox sisters went on to form Grab Grab The Haddock.

Links To Peel

Peel first started playing the Marine Girls in the early 80's. So impressed with their work, he invited the group to do two sessions for his shows between 1982 and 1983. After the disbandment of the group, Peel continued supported Tracey Thorn's solo work and her work with Everything But The Girl in the 80's.


THE MARINE GIRLS John Peel 16th April 1983

THE MARINE GIRLS John Peel 16th April 1983

1. Recorded: 1982-02-01. Broadcast: 16 February 1982. Repeated: 31 August 1982

  • Don't Come Back / Love To Know / Place In The Sun / He Got The Girl / Fever

2. Recorded: 1983-04-16. Broadcast: 19 April 1983. Repeated: 09 May 1983

  • Love You More / Lazy Ways / Seascape / That Day

Other Shows Played

  • 14 December 1981: The Lure Of The Rockpools (7" b-side On My Mind) In Phaze Records

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