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Marine Research were an indie pop/twee pop band, based in Oxford/London (UK), formed in 1997 by four of the five members of Heavenly (Amelia Fletcher, Peter Momtchiloff, Cathy Rogers and Rob Pursey), following the suicide of Heavenly drummer Mathew Fletcher. The band were joined on drums by DJ Downfall (John Stanley), who is also a solo recording artist.

After the band disbanded in 1999, vocalist and keyboardist Cathy Rogers moved to the United States, and became well known for producing and starring in the television show Junkyard Wars. Lead singer and songwriter Amelia Fletcher was also in the group Talulah Gosh, later joining Tender Trap, alongside bassist Rob Pursey and drummer John Stanley. Guitarist Peter Momtchiloff went on to play with Speed of Sound and Scarlet's Well.

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After the death of drummer Mathew Fletcher and the band changing their name to Marine Research, Peel continued supporting the new band with airplay and a couple of sessions, as well when the core members of the group reformed as Tender Trap in 2002.

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MARINE RESEARCH John Peel 18th April 1999

MARINE RESEARCH John Peel 18th April 1999

1. Recorded: 1999-04-18. Broadcast: 18 May 1999

  • Angel In The Snow / I Confess / Bad Dreams / Capital L

2. Recorded: 1999-12-08. Broadcast: 08 December 1999

  • In The Bleak Midwinter


Recorded live from L2, Liverpool. Broadcast: 26 October 1999

  1. Queen B
  2. At The Lost And Found
  3. You And A Girl
  4. Parallel Horizontal

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