"Is there any Manchester area notable more notable than Mark E. Smith? Not in my book, anyway." (25 November 1995 (BFBS))

Mark E Smith
Mark Edward Smith
(05 March 1957 - 24 January 2018) was the lead singer, lyricist, frontman, and only constant member of the English post-punk group The Fall. Alongside his work with the Fall, Smith had written a play called Hey, Luciani in 1986 and music for a Michael Clarke Dance Company ballet in 1988 called I Am Curious, Orange.  Apart from that, Smith had released two spoken-word solo albums, The Post-Nearly Man (1998) and Pander! Panda! Panzer! (2002).  Smith had also appeared as a guest vocalist for the likes of Edwyn Collins, Elastica, Gorillaz, Long Fin Killie, Mouse on Mars, Coldcut, Ghostigital and finally the Inspiral Carpets, with whom he collaborated on their 1994 UK Top 20 hit called I Want You.  Smith worked with Mouse on Mars on the collaboration project Von Südenfed, whose first album, Tromatic Reflexxions, was released on 21 May 2007. Smith also provided guest vocals on the Gorillaz album Plastic Beach, on the song "Glitter Freeze", and joined the group Shuttleworth to record the World Cup song England's Heartbeat

Links To Peel

As a fan of The Fall and Mark E Smith, Peel regularly played his music and collaborations. In addition, Smith appeared on This Is Your Life contributing a positive appraisal of Peel's effect on his career: Peel recalled, "Mark E. Smith appeared on film, looking very odd indeed. In a way, I was quite glad that he wasn't there in person, 'cos I think I should have been overwhelmed." (23 December 1995 (BFBS)). However, Smith was also critical of Peel when interviewed for Loaded magazine in 1997. Peel responded in a generous manner on his show on 27 November 1997 (BFBS):

"If you ever get to see the laddish magazine 'Loaded', there was an interview in a recent issue with Mark E. Smith out of the Fall, and in the course of it, already trying to pick a fight with the interviewer and stub a cigarette out in his face, and also bumped into members of Ash and claimed, most aggressively actually, that he'd started their career off. They did challenge him on this, but in the course of the interview, he also said something along the lines of, I was the worst DJ in the world, even worse than Tony Blackburn, which I thought was a bit hard, and one or two other things besides which I probably shouldn't say on this programme. But a hostile opinion of me, I have to say, but nevertheless, bearing in mind that he's not in perfect working order at the moment, and the band have given me intense pleasure over the years, I still love 'em madly."

When the Serbian radio station MTB seemed to assume that JP and Smith were friends, John replied, " I've only met him a couple of times, so he's hardly a friend. When I do see him I never know what to say to him anyway, so we just punch each other on the shoulder in a manly way and go our separate ways." [1]

After Peel's death, Smith was invited on BBC's Newsnight to talk about the death of Peel, where he complimented JP and John Walters. However, critics did question his behaviour, especially the unusual facial expressions he made on the programme. [2]

Festive Fifty Entries


Other Shows Played 

(The list below was compiled only from the database of this site and Lorcan's Tracklistings Archive. Please add further information if known.)

  • 23 April 1990: Theme From Error-Orrori (v/a album - Home) Sheer Joy
  • 16 December 1990: 'Theme From Error-Orrori (Compilation LP-Home)' (Sheer Joy) (credited to all members of the Fall in
Inspiral Carpets - I Want You

Inspiral Carpets - I Want You

'I Want You' with the Inspiral Carpets, #01 in the 1994 Festive Fifty

D.O.S.E. Featuring Mark E. Smith - Plug Myself In

D.O.S.E. Featuring Mark E. Smith - Plug Myself In.

'Plug Myself In' with D.O.S.E., #44 in the 1995 Festive Fifty

  • 14 April 1995: (JP: "You probably read in the papers about the track Long Finn Killie recorded with Mark E Smith. I've had a cassette of it in the front of my car for three or four weeks now and I'm fed up with not being able to play it on the radio, so from the cassette here it is. I think it's pretty neat of course, but then Mark E Smith reading the telephone directory would go down a storm with me.") Heads of Dead Surfers (single) (with Long Fin Killie) (Too Pure)
  • 09 September 1995 (BFBS): 'Theme From Error-Orrori (Compilation CD-Home)' (with Martin Beddington, Stephen Hanley & Simon Wolstencroft) (Sheer Joy)
  • 17 November 1995: 'Plug Myself In (CDS)' (with D.O.S.E.) (Coliseum Recordings)
  • 24 November 1995: Plug Myself In (EP - Plug Myself In) (The Spoonful Of Sugar Mixes) Coliseum Recordings
  • 25 November 1995 (BFBS): 'Plug Myself In (12")' (Coliseum Recordings) 
  • 01 December 1995: 'Plug Myself In (CDS-Plug Myself In (The Spoonful Of Sugar Mixes))' (with D.O.S.E.) (Coliseum Recordings)
Long fin killie - the heads of dead surfers-3

Long fin killie - the heads of dead surfers-3

'Heads Of Dead Surfers' with Long Fin Killie, #10 in the 1995 Festive Fifty

Elastica - How He Wrote Elastica Man feat. Mark E

Elastica - How He Wrote Elastica Man feat. Mark E. Smith

'How He Wrote Elastica Man' with Elastica, #06 in the 1999 Festive Fifty


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