Mark Four

The Mark Four was an English pop rock band from Hertfordshire, England that was formed in 1963. Members included Kenny Pickett (vocals), Eddie Phillips (guitar), John Dalton (bass), Mick Thompson (guitar) and Jack Jones (drums). The group recorded its first single in March 1964, and released it in May of the same year. Three more singles followed, the last of which was released August 1965. During this span the group would perform regularly, even seven days a week. The group even opened for a new club in Wilhelmshaven, Germany called The Big Ben Club. Dalton left to join The Kinks on 31 October 1965 and Bob Garner replaced him. Soon after this line-up change, they became The Creation and went on to record singles between 1966 and 1968, including the Top 40 hit "Painter Man".

Links To Peel

Peel played several tracks from the group on his shows in the UK, but is not known whether he played any whilst living in America between 1960 and 1967. After his death, it was found that he had the band's single, Hurt Me If You Will / I'm Leaving, in his Record Box.

Shows Played

The Mark Four - I'm Leaving - 1965 45rpm

The Mark Four - I'm Leaving - 1965 45rpm

  • 23 July 1986: Hurt Me If You Will (v/a LP - The R&B Scene Volume Two 1963-1969) See For Miles
  • 20 January 1987: I'm Leaving (v/a LP - The Electric Crayon Set) Bam-Caruso

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