The Martian Schoolgirls - Life in the 1980s

The Martian Schoolgirls - Life in the 1980s

The Martian Schoolgirls were a short-lived post-punk group from Wimborne in Dorset, best known for their debut single "Life In The 1980s".

The group was formed by Dan Kelleher, formerly the bassist in The 101'ers (the lineup of which included a pre-Clash Joe Strummer). The Kelleher-penned "Life In The 1980s" was self-released on the band's own Red Planet label in November 1979. In 1981 a follow-up single, "Motion", was issued on Albion Records. The outfit appears to have disbanded in the same year.

In 1989, Red Planet Records issued a single "It's The 1990s" credited to The Martians. The sleeve notes cites Kelleher as a "creative consultant".

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"Life In The 1980s" received several plays on the John Peel show in late 1979. Fittingly, it was the first record to be played on the very first show of the Eighties, 01 January 1980. On 30 January 1980 the DJ commented that he would like to see a live performance by the band, as he admired the single. At the same time, he took slight umbrage with a credit on the record sleeve stating "produced by "Clough / Taylor promotions". [1]

At the end of the decade the song would be aired again following a suggestion made by future Peel wiki contributor John Paines. As Peel explained on 28 December 1989, after completing the countdown of that year's Festive Fifty:

"And that would have been it for the Festive Fifty, the programme, the week, the year, the decade, if it had not been for a letter from John L Paines, writing from Sea Mills in Bristol, saying, "You may not remember, but the first track you played on your first show in 1980 was 'Life In The 1980s' by the Martian Schoolgirls. I thought it might be a nice idea if you played the 80s out with the same track. How about it?". Well, that's quite a good idea, John L Paines."

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  1. A probable wry reference to the management team of Brian Clough and Peter Taylor at Nottingham Forest, who were the main rivals to Peel's beloved Liverpool FC at the time.
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