Mass were a British band, whose members hailed from Oxford and Cambridge. The line-up consisted of Daz Fralick - bass, E (real name Ian Millan) - vocals, Nick Ryall - guitar, and Steve Beatty - drums. Their music was an early-nineties, post-goth mix of hardcore, punk and guitar noise, wrapped up in dark atmospheres and echoing feedback. The group's first single, "Pulling", was produced by Steve Albini of Big Black fame. An album, "Rushingfloodperfurme", as well as two further singles, "Medusa" and "Godsend", appeared on Abstract Records. However, with "Godsend" issued on CD only, UK sales were not as good as they should have been. Internal differences reared their heads, with guitarist Nick Ryall and bassist Daz Fralick feeling that the remainder of the troupe were not pulling their weight in terms of division of labour. By late 1992, the act had split. During the Mass era, Nick Ryall also worked with the "goth" supergroup G7, which numbered Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke), Patricia Morrison (The Sisters of Mercy) and Mick Brown (The Mission) as its other proponents. Sadly, the sessions recorded were never released. Nick now works as a lecturer in Music in Cambridge. The whereabouts of the other members are unknown.

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Peel played a session from the group in the early 90's and a few of their tracks, before the band split.


1. Recorded: 1990-12-16. Broadcast: 13 January 1991. Repeated: 16 March 1991

  • Sado Seduction / Someonelse / Medusa / Unnamed

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