Mav Cacharel (1957- ), real name Hilaire Youla, was born in Brazzaville in the Congo. He took the name from the French prêt-à-porter company due to his liking for their products. After playing in several small local groups from the age of 13, he won the Radio France International prize and this enabled him to move to France, where he made a living as a session singer: here he teamed up with Aurlus Mabele, Diblo Dibala, Jean Baron and Mack Macaire to form Loketo. This soukouss band toured extensively worldwide, but after a few years Cacharel formed his own band Kebo and recorded several albums with this combo, which included the popular songs N'kembo and Banana Kebo. In 1990, he wrote music for a female vocal collective and produced their album Les Ananas. Cacharel went solo in 2004, only for him to rejoin Loketo in 2008 for the appropriately named Reconciliation.

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Cacharel received heavy airplay on JP's show in tandem with his appetite for soukouss at the time. He named the Kebo LP (actually released in 1989) his third favourite album of 1990, and gave his maximum three stars to four of the six tracks. [1] Several years later, he revisited Cacharel's work and regretted that the trend seemed to have died out:

"I was just saying to Dennis that I wish they still made records like that. Perhaps they do, but they never get through to me anyway....still sounds incredible." [2]

In 2001, Tom from Atlanta sent JP a copy of a 1992 Cacharel album he did not appear to have bought, which John duly played.

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