• 1986-11/12
  • Smattering of tracks from December 1986. Possibly multiple programs shows. Seems to contain some 'preferred session tracks' of the year.


  • Stars Of Heaven (repeat of second session originally transmitted 26 May 1986 )
  • Miaow (repeat of first session originally broadcast 18 June 1986)
  • Primitives (repeat of first session originally broadcast 15 October 1986)
  • Possibly others...


25 November 1986

  • Sally Yeh: '200 Degrees' (to the tune of 'Material Girl' in Cantonese)

01 December 1986

(JP: 'Here's a letter from the Outpatients, who write to me from Stockton-on-Tees, and they say "Dear John, if we change our name to 'Spew Crocodile Insides On The Pope,' will you have us in session on your show?" ... well, there's a better chance of it, let's face it. And they say, "we are recording a six or seven song demo on Saturday which will be entitled 'Happy Christmas and a Dead Good New Year to John Peel because he's such a swell guy and we think he's really handsome even if no-one else does'" - well, that could definitely get put on the radio, I think.')
(JP: 'They sound as if they are not entirely in control of themselves - that's The Raymen from Germany... This is Holger Hiller, and this is one of those LPs that have been the bane of my life - I haven't seen many of them actually since the 1970s - where they've got five tracks and six titles on the labels, so what the title of this is I simply don't know. It could be called "Or So" but then again it could be called something completely different - make up your own title for it: be imaginative, amuse me, amuse me... oh boy.')

29 December 1986

  • Miaow: 'Following Through (Peel Session)' [cut]


  • JP198612xx.mp3
  • 01:02:03
  • 256k stereo MP3
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