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Modern English are a post-punk new wave band from Colchester, UK. They released thier first single in 1979 before signing to 4AD label (home also to Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, Bauhaus) and releasing their debut album Mesh & Lace in 1981. The follow-up LP After the Snow (1982) featured their best known song "I Melt With You". Aside from their success on the indie scene in the UK, the group also enjoyed modest success in the USA. 4AD 'supergroup' This Mortal Coil recorded a cover version of the Modern English tracks "Sixteen Days" and "Gathering Dust". Read more on wikipedia

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Peel played their first pre-4AD single Drowning Man/Silent World in 1979 and continued to play their records at least until 1983. The group were invited for two sessions each showcasing new tracks from their first two albums to be released a few months later. The second session included an eight-and-a-half-minute-long track called "Being Peeled", which Peel described as having "a zany title". On 10 November 1980 he mentions in passing that he is wearing one of the band's badges.


MODERN ENGLISH John Peel 11th November 1980

MODERN ENGLISH John Peel 11th November 1980

Two sessions. No commercial release known.

1. Recorded: 1980-11-11. First broadcast: 25 November 1980. Repeated: 02 March 1981

  • Mesh and Lace / A Viable Commercial / Black Houses / Sixteen Days

2. Recorded: 1981-10-07. First broadcast: 13 October 1981. Repeated: 05 November 1981

  • Someone's Calling / Face of Wood / Being Peeled

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