The Monochrome Set are an English post-punk/new wave band, originally formed in Hornsey, London in 1978 from the remnants of a college group called The B-Sides, whose members had included Stuart Goddard, later known as Adam Ant. The original line-up consisted of Indian-born lead singer and principal songwriter Bid (real name Ganesh Seshadri), Canadian guitarist Lester Square (real name Thomas W.B. Hardy), drummer John D. Haney and bass guitarist Charlie X. The band went through several bassists in the next few years, including Jeremy Harrington, Simon Croft and Andy Warren of the Ants, a childhood friend of Bid. (read more on wikipedia)

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Early singles received lots of airplay on the Peel show. "One rather cares for that, I must say" Peel comments after he played the last session track '4.0.5. Line' on his 19 May 1980 show.

Festive Fifty Entries

  • None


  • The Monochrome Set - Peel Session 1980

    The Monochrome Set - Peel Session 1980

    Three sessions:

1. Recorded: 1979-02-14. First broadcast: 22 February 1979. Repeated: 12 April 1979.

  • Espresso / Noise / Les Enfants / Fat Fun / Love Goes Down The Drain

'Ici Les Enfants / Fat Fun' available on Volume, Contrast, Brilliance...(Sessions & Singles Vol. 1) (Cherry Red).

2. Recorded: 1979-08-21. First broadcast: 06 September 1979.

  • Fallout / Martians Go Home / Goodbye Joe /The Strange Boutique / Viva Death Row

3. Recorded: 1980-04-05. First broadcast: 23 April 1980. Repeated: 19 May 1980

  • B.I.D. Spells Bid / Apocalypso / Love Zombies / 4.0.5. Lines

'Love Zombies' available on Volume, Contrast, Brilliance...(Sessions & Singles Vol. 1) (Cherry Red).

Other Shows Played

Monochrome set - He's Frank

Monochrome set - He's Frank


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