Moonshake was a UK-based experimental rock/post-rock band existing between 1991 and 1997. The only consistent member was singer/sampler player/occasional guitarist David Callahan, formerly of the Wolfhounds, who initially co-led the project with Margaret Fiedler (Fiedler and bass player John Frenett would leave Moonshake in 1993 to form the more commercially successful Laika). The band was notable for its extensive use of textures and sampler technology in a rock context.

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Peel had an interest in the group after David Callahan of the Wolfhounds split and formed the band. The ensemble did a session for Peel's show in 1992 and were frequently played by the DJ in the early 90's, before splitting up, with Fiedler and bass player John Frenett forming the more commercially successful Laika, who did a session for Peel's show in 2000.


1. Recorded: 1992-11-22. Broadcast: 29 January 1993

  • Sweet Heart/ Mugshot Heroine/ Coming / Beautiful Pigeon

Shows Played

Moonshake - gravity

Moonshake - gravity

  • 02 July 1994: Your Last Friend In This Town (album - The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow) Too Pure

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