is an American Garage Rock/Grunge band. Formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1988 following the demise of Green River, Mudhoney's members are vocalist and rhythm guitarist Mark Arm, lead guitarist Steve Turner, bassist Guy Maddison, and drummer Dan Peters. Original bassist Matt Lukin left the band in 1999 but briefly returned in December 2000 to complete touring obligations. Mudhoney's early releases on Sub Pop, particularly debut single "Touch Me I'm Sick" and the Superfuzz Bigmuff EP, were massively influential on the Seattle music scene, helping more than almost any other releases of the era to inspire the dirty, high-distortion sound that would become grunge. (more on wikipedia)

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Peel was a big fan of Mudhoney, inviting them for a couple of sessions and also choosing 'Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More' for the 1988 Peelenium. After seeing the band at the Reading Festival, Peel recalled their performance on his 04 September 1992 show:

Then came Mudhoney, and I suppose because of the name as much as anything else, people decided to pelt them with mud. Although they denied that it affected their set, it quite clearly had done to a degree. That was a pity because I like Mudhoney, and I like the kind of irony that they bring to their music as well, and was looking forward to the kind of between song announcements, but they were muted, to say the least, as a result of the hail of mud. I was going to play you a track from a cassette of the new LP that Mark Arm gave to me ... came up to me ... gave it to me! I did those awful things that you do when you meet famous people, standing there saying incredibly stupid things. And even as you say them, you can't believe that you're saying them. But unfortunately, I've left the cassette in my car. That's the level of competence that I bring to tonight's programme, but we'll have sorted it out in time for tomorrow night's programme.

Peel met Arm again at the Reading Festival in 1995 but reported that he was a little 'snooty' to him. [1]

Festive Fifty Entries



1. Recorded: 1989-05-09. First Broadcast: 24 May 1989. Repeated: 29 June 1989, 19 September 1989, 28 December 1989

  • By Her Own Hand / If I Think / Here Comes Sickness / You Make Me Die

2. Recorded: 2002-09-08. First Broadcast: 02 October 2002

  • The Straight Life / Dyin' For It / Urban Guerilla / I Have To Laugh


  • Recorded and live at the Reading Festival: 1995-08-27. Broadcast: 27 August 1995
  1. Suck You Dry
  2. Generation Spokesmodel
  3. Judgement, Rage, Retribution And Thyme
  4. This Gift
  5. Touch Me I'm Sick
  6. Fuzzgun 91
  7. When Tomorrow Hits

Other Shows Played

Mudhoney- Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More-0

Mudhoney- Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More-0

Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More, reached #31 in the 1988 Festive Fifty and the Peelenium 1988

(The following list was compiled only from the database of this site and Lorcan's Tracklistings Archive and is certainly incomplete. Please add further details if known.)
Mudhoney - Chain That Door

Mudhoney - Chain That Door

Mudhoney - Hate The Police (Dicks Cover)

Mudhoney - Hate The Police (Dicks Cover)

  • 01 May 1992: Fuzzbuster (Compilation LP-Clam Chowder & Ice vs. Big Macs And Bombers)' (Nardwuar)
  • 08 May 1992: Need (LP - Superfuzz Bigmuff) Glitterhouse GR 0034
  • 10 May 1992 (BFBS): Fuzzbuster (Comp. LP - Nardwuar The Human Serviette Presents... Clam Chowder & Ice Vs Big Macs & Bombers) Nardwuar Records
  • 17 May 1992 (BFBS): Need (LP - Superfuzz Bigmuff) Glitterhouse GR 0034
  • 29 May 1992: Fuzzbuster (Various Artists LP - Clam Chowder & Ice Vs Big Macs & Bombers) NardWuar Records
  • 11 July 1992:  The Money Will Roll Right In (Various Artists CD – Revolution Come And Gone) Sub Pop Records
  • 31 July 1992(JP: 'This is Mudhoney and part of the soundtrack of the film 'Singles', which I have not seen and frankly don't intend to see, to be perfectly honest with you. But does Mark Arm really shout "Go it, Stevie!" in the course of this? I suspect he does.')
Overblown (Compilation CD-Singles-Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)' (Epic Soundtrax)
  • 24 March 1995: Today, Is A Good Day (CD-My Brother The Cow) (Reprise)
  • 01 April 1995 (BFBS): Today, Is A Good Day (CD-My Brother The Cow) (Reprise)
  • 08 April 1995: Judgement, Rage, Retribution And Thyme  (CD-My Brother The Cow) (Reprise)
  • 18 August 1995: Goat Cheese (split 7 inch with Strapping Fieldhands-Porn 3)' (Amphetamine Reptile)
  • 09 October 2001: Who’ll Be Next In Line (LP – The People What We Want: Songs Of The Kinks) Sympathy For The Record Industry

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