My Choice was an article published in the Radio Times, where guests would write what programmes they would look forward to watching or listening on television or radio. It is not known when this feature was published or ended in the Radio Times.

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Peel was featured on My Choice, that was published in the Radio Times in 1971. The edition was published on 2nd October 1971. Thanks to Andy Walmsey for the scan image of the article on the right hand side.


Obviously, the big news of the week for me is the advent of the new progressive music programmes on Radio 1 each night from ten o'clock to midnight. Mind you, I've never been very keen on the idea of tucking progressive music away on such a late spot. It's like the programmes for immigrants that are put on at 4.00 am before the farming reports. Like being the poor relation of Jimmy Young and Tony Blackburn.

Still it's an improvement. For several years a handful of producers and disc-jockeys have been hoping for, and working towards an extension of the air-time devoted to more adventurous contemporary music. So it's gratifying. And I hope the trend will continue. Housewives, for instance, could stand some of it. Sometimes it seems as if they are treated like some kind of subnormal group. I'm sure they could tolerate a Neil Young track or something like that. After all, my mum is a housewife.

Outside the progressive music programmes, I have one or two specials that I don't want to miss. I particularly enjoy Johnny Moran's All Our Yesterdays (Sunday Radio 1). The records all seem to bring back my sordid past. I'm a sentimentalist at heart really. Other than music... well, I always listen to the football reports and results on Radio 2 on Saturdays (I've followed Liverpool since the age of 5).

But still my main interest is still progressive music. That's why I do Sounds Of The Seventies. These programmes don't usually catch very many casual listeners; which is a pity, because there is a lot to enjoy. Even if you don't think you'll enjoy listening, give it a try. You'll probably be surprised.

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