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Nasty Media were an early UK punk band formed in Leeds, Yorkshire. They existed between 1977 and 1979, releasing only one single. One of its members, Paul Vallely, later became a correspondent for The Times in Ethiopia during the great famine of 1984/85. He was commended as International Reporter of the Year for his reports which Bob Geldof described as "vivid, intelligent, moving and brave". Vallely was awarded the Order of St Michael and St George for his journalist work in Ethiopia.

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Nasty Media - John Peel - Spiked Copy EP

Nasty Media - John Peel - Spiked Copy EP

Peel wrote in the Radio Times, published on 27th June 1998, mentioning a punk track, that sang about him using modified lyrics of D'ye Ken John Peel, that he thought was good. In the article, he couldn't remember who the artist were, but mentioned that Paul Vallely was a member, who later became a respected journalist.

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