The Natural Ites were a British reggae band formed in Nottingham, England, in 1982. They consisted of the vocal trio Ossie Samms (also known as Ossie Gad), Percy Dread McLeod and Neil Foster, they were backed by a changing line-up known as the Realistics. Their debut single Picture On The Wall was released in 1983. The single was to become a roots classic and also the title of their debut album released on CSA in 1985. The album was produced by Johnny White and backed by the Realistics. By 1987 when their second album, Marvellous, was to be released the vocal trio had decreased into a vocal duo consisting of only Ossie Gad and Percy Dread McLeod. Also the line-up to the realistics had changed. In 1989 the third, and last, album, In Ites, was released. The next year (1990) the group split up. Both artists pursued solo careers. In 2001 Ossie Gad and Percy Dread decided they wanted to reform the Natural Ites.

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The Natural Ites first break came with their featuring on Mikey Dreads ground breaking Rocker’s Roadshow (can you imagine something like that appearing on channel 4 now!) a series of ten episodes in which Mikey Dread toured the country showcasing the enormous talent within the UK reggae scene, generally excluded from mainstream air time. Peel got hold of a Natural Ites Covercopy of the original 12” 'Picture On The Wall' single and began to give it steady airplay on his show eventually leading to a Peel session with the group, even placing the song at number ten in the 1983 Festive Fifty by listeners of his show. The song was often played by Peel through out the years as his classic reggae track, whereas other Natural Ites songs rarely got played many years after their release.

Festive Fifty Entries


The Natural-Ites - Peel Session 1983

The Natural-Ites - Peel Session 1983

1. Recorded: 1983-06-04. Broadcast: 13 June 1983

  • Jah Love This / Jah Holy Hills / I Want Your Love / Suffer

2. Recorded: 1985-05-21. Broadcast: 11 June 1985 / Karl's Tape June 1985:

  • Pull Together / Rastafari / Your Love / Guide Me With The Tide

Other Shows Played

Natural Ites And The Realistics - Picture On The Wall

Natural Ites And The Realistics - Picture On The Wall

  • 26 April 1988: Picture On The Wall (v/a 2xLP - Rub-A-Dubble Reggae Vol. 1 (Original Twelve Inch Disco Mixes)) CSA
  • 16 August 1988: Picture On The Wall (7") CSA
  • 11 July 1992: (JP: ‘These are the Natural Ites. One of the great records of all time to end tonight’s programme.’) Picture On The Wall (12 inch) CSA Records

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