The Nectarine No.9 were an indie band from Edinburgh, Scotland. Formed by former Fire Engines frontman Davy Henderson in 1991, the band's music has been described as "dark, moody and brilliant"[3] "noisy guitar rock"[4] with "quirky rhythms". The Nectarine No. 9 released several albums throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

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Nectarine No.9 were mainstays of the Peel show over the last decade of the DJ’s life, recording five sessions and two further live sets for him, including from a double-header with Yo La Tengo at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, in 1999. The previous year, the band had appeared with others on the Creeping Bent roster at a label live special when Peel curated the Meltdown festival at the same venue.

Davy Henderson, the band’s diving force, had earlier been with influential 80s Scottish indie outfit Fire Engines, who did two Peel sessions and earned a 1981 Festive Fifty entry with “Candy Skin”.

On 24 April 1993, before the first track of the debut Nectarine No.9 session was broadcast, Peel publicly welcomed the musician back to his show after an extended absence.[1] In a bold opening gambit that won Peel’s approval, the band’s first session kicked off with a cover of a tune by one of his favourite artists. When the session was later repeated, the DJ commented:

"There aren't that many bands who can pull off a Captain Beefheart cover, but I think they do.”[2]

Appealing to Peel's soft spot for cover versions, later sessions from the band would include interpretations of vintage numbers from Sun Ra and Nico.[3] The DJ would also play their reading of 'Temptation Inside Of Your Heart' by Velvet Underground.[4]

In 2004, the final Nectarine No.9 album featured contributions from Malcolm Ross (formerly of Peel session band Josef K) and Gareth Sager (Pop Group, Rip Rig + Panic).[5]

Festive Fifty Entries

  • None


Five sessions, although the BBC site lists seven, including two live sets. #1 available on the Postcard Records CD - Guitar Thieves. #1 and selections from other sessions on Saint Jack, 2xCD reissue, 2015 (Forever Heavenly FHVNLP5CD).

  • Davy Henderson also two sessions with Fire Engines (both 1981).
Frownland (The Peel Sessions)

Frownland (The Peel Sessions)

1. Recorded 1993-03-24. First broadcast 24 April 1993. Repeated: 21 August 1993.

  • Frownland / Unloaded For You / Pull My Daisey /Going Off Someone

2. Recorded 1994-03-24. First broadcast 09 April 1994.

  • Couldn't Phone Potatoes / This Holes Been Burned Too Many Times Before / These Days / You Can't Scratch Out

3. Recorded: 1995-05-02. First broadcast 27 May 1995.

  • Tape Your Head On / Firecrackers / Adjusted Timepiece / Thunder Over Kilburn Automatic

4. Recorded 1998-03-03. First broadcast 03 June 1998. Repeated: 19 November 1998.

  • Rocket No 9 / Soon Be Over Soon Be Over / Adidas Francis Bacon / Three Moans At The Base Of A Crucifixion

5. Recorded: 2001-03-04. First broadcast 20 March 2001.

  • Pong Fat 6 / Pocketradiodrops / Found Things / It's Raining For Some Cloudy Reasons


  • 20 October 1995: recorded live at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, 1995-10-19.
  1. This Arsehole's Been Burned Too Many Times Before
  2. Clipped Wings & Flower Strings
  3. Firecrackers
  4. Unloaded For You
  1. Found Things
  2. (sic)
  3. Constellations Of A Vanity
  4. Going Off Someone

Other Shows Played

  • 12 March 1993: 'She's A Nicer Word To Sing (CD-A Sea With Three Stars)' (Postcard)
  • 13 March 1993: The Holes Of Corpus Christi (LP-A Sea With Three Stars)' (Postcard)
  • 03 April 1993: Beautiful Car (album - A Sea With Three Stars) Postcard
  • 08 May 1993: Snow Smith Automatic (LP-A Sea With Three Stars) Postcard (JP: 'This is a title which derives I assume from something you hear from time to time on the shipping forecast, which I always took to be Smiths Knoll Automatic, but I was trying to phone the Radio 4 people to discover how exactly it should be said and whether it is indeed Smith Snow Automatic or Smiths Knoll Automatic. Not that it makes a great deal of difference in our lives but it’s the kind of detail I like to clear up.')
  • 21 May 1993: Don't Worry Babe, You're Not The Only One Awake (album - A Sea With Three Stars) Postcard
  • John Peel In Scandinavia (broadcast: 1993-10-14): Un-loaded For You (CD Single) Postcard
  • 16 October 1993: Un-loaded For You (EP - Un-loaded For You) Postcard
  • 06 November 1993: Un-loaded For You (CD Single) Postcard
  • 13 May 1994: Inside Of Your Heart (Various Artists CD - Niagara Falls) Shake
  • 27 May 1994: Frownland (CD - Guitar Thieves) Nighttracks
  • 28 May 1994 (BFBS): Inside Of Your Heart (JP session version) (album - Guitar Thieves) Nighttracks
  • 10 June 1994: The Number You Mean (CD - Guitar Thieves )’ Nighttracks
  • 17 June 1994: Don't Worry Babe, You're Not The Only One Awake’ (CD - Guitar Thieves) Nighttracks
  • 18 June 1994 (BFBS): Frownland (session version) (album - Guitar Thieves) Nighttracks
  • 03 September 1994: Couldn't Phone Potatoes (LP: This Arsehole's Been Burned Too Many Times Before) Postcard
  • 11 March 1998: Port Of Mars (split 7" with Revolutionary Corps Of Teenage Jesus) Creeping Bent
  • 31 March 1998: Adidas Francis Bacon (7") Sano Music
  • 15 April 1998 (BBC World Service): Michelangelo (CD Album - Fried For Blue Material) Creeping Bent
  • 16 April 1998: Stacey Keach Dada Message Bag (album - Fried For Blue Material) Creeping Bent
  • 21 April 1998: Boneless Chops (album - Fried For Blue Material) Creeping Bent
  • 22 April 1998: Burnt Nylon Carseat Cover Flavour (album - Fried For Blue Material) Creeping Bent
  • 24 April 1998 (BFBS): Adidas Francis Bacon (CD-It's Just The Way Things Are, Joe, It's Just The Way Things Are) Creeping Bent
  • 29 April 1998: Soon Be Over, Soon Be Over (CD - Fried For Blue Material ) Creeping Bent
  • 07 May 1998: Burnt Nylon Carseat Cover Flavour (album - Fried For Blue Material) Creeping Bent
  • 14 May 1998: South Of An Imaginary Line (CD - Fried For Blue Material) Creeping Bent
  • 04 June 1998: Soon Be Over Soon Be Over (CD - Fried For Blue Material) Creeping Bent

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  1. Henderson had last recorded a session for Peel with Fire Engines in 1981, putting him on the list of Longest Gaps Between Peel Session Appearances. He spent much of the intervening time with the more pop-orientated Win, who received little support from Peel.[1]
  2. In January 2004, Henderson would reform the Fire Engines for a support gig in Edinburgh with a reformed Magic Band, who also recorded a session for Peel.[2]
  3. "These Days" first appeared on Nico's 1967 debut album Chelsea Girl.. It was written by a teenage Jackson Browne, who later recorded it for his 1973 debut LP For Everyman.
  4. Recorded by Nectarine No.9 as "Inside of Your Heart".
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