The Negatives - Love is not real

The Negatives - Love is not real

The Negatives were a punk band from Bradford, billed as the city's first. The group formed in the summer of 1978, with the lineup comprising Pete Stobbs (guitar), Bob Robinson (bass), Tino Palmer (drums) and Dave Wilcox (vocals). In December 1979 they released the double A-sided single "Stake Out" / "Love Is Not Real" on Look records. It was limited to 500 copies. The group broke up in January 1980 following a gig at Bradford University. Wilcox then formed a new band called The Negativz while the remainder of the group became Mysterious Footsteps.

The original three members of the band, minus vocalist Wilcox, reformed in 2009. In 2016 the surviving members issued the 'Bradford EP' on Paramecium Records of Spain, comprising new recordings of original material written and performed in the group's heyday.

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On 01 January 2002, Peel played the previously unreleased track "We're From Bradford", an outtake from the sessions that resulted in the group's debut single but only issued many years later on a compilation LP of punk rarities. He commented afterwards, "An anthem I'd say and why it wasn't released at the time it was recorded I shall never understand."

On 01 April 2003, Peel tells how he'd been up to Yorkshire over the weekend and had been to watch Bradford Park Avenue vs Altrincham in the company of Bob Robinson, former bassist in the group (an occasion mentioned in the blog link below). He gives the single another spin to mark the meeting.

After his death, a copy of the group's debut 7" was counted amongst those in John Peel's Record Box of his most treasured 45s.

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  • 11 December 2001: We're From Bradford (v/a album - Bored Teenagers Vol. 2: 16 Great British Punk Originals '77-'82) Bin Liner

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