New Age Steppers

New Age Steppers were a dub collective from the United Kingdom, formed by producer Adrian Sherwood and featuring members of various prominent 1970s UK post-punk groups, including Ari Up and Viv Albertine of the Slits, Mark Stewart of The Pop Group, Keith Levene of Public Image Ltd, John Waddington and Bruce Smith of Rip Rig + Panic, and Vicky Aspinall of The Raincoats. Other musicians included associates of Sherwood's On-U Sound label, including George Oban, Style Scott, and Eskimo Fox.

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Peel was initially interested in New Age Steppers due to their appearance on the initial releases of the new On-U Sound label of British dub producer Adrian Sherwood, including its first single and LP. He would subsequently play numerous tracks on the label, which adopted the slogan "Disturbing The Comfortable, Comforting The Disturbed", from similarly loose collectives such as African Head Charge, Barmy Army and Dub Syndicate.

The shifting grouping of post-punk and reggae musicians operating under the NAS name did a session for Peel's show in 1983, produced by Sherwood himself, and were played quite significantly on his shows during the early 80's, including "Threat To Creation", a wildly experimental tie-up with Creation Rebel.

The NAS name later dropped out of sight, resurrected occasionally for Sherwood's collaborations with Ari Up.


New Age Steppers - Peel Session 1983

New Age Steppers - Peel Session 1983

1 . Recorded: 1983-06-12. Broadcast: 18 August 1983. Repeated: 29 September 1983

  • Not A Nobody / Send For Me / John Peel Session Pt 1 1983 / The Riddle

Other Shows Played

  • 16 December 1980: Fade Away (split 7" with London Underground - Fade Away / Learn A Language) On-U Sound

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