Nigger Kojak is one of the stage names of Jamaican vocalist and DJ Floyd Anthony Perch (1959- ). Also known as Pretty Boy Floyd, Kojak and Papa Kojak, he took his main inspiration from Telly Savalas' bald detective in a popular TV series of the 70s, even as far as shaving his head and sucking a lollipop, and "was among the first to chat real dancehall lyrics in the style which was to become popular in the '80's." [1] He also sang with a female vocalist simply known as 'Liza', although this is known to be at least two different women (Beverley Brown and Jacqueline Boland).

Kojak's debut single was Massacre, followed by a patriotic song Nice Up Jamaica which was actually approved of by the Jamaican Tourist Board. Both of these, along with the rumbling menace of Penitentiary, gained considerable airplay on John's show. Kojak set up his own eponymous label, recording the likes of Little U Brown, Delton Screechie, Errol T and Madoo. In the mid 90s he changed style to encompass covers of soul music, the first LP of which featured his real name.

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    Nigger Kojak - Pententiary Bunny Rygin

    Nigger Kojak - Pententiary Bunny Rygin


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