Night Shift: A Night At Radio One was a 1995 ten minute film going behind the scenes at BBC Radio One in BBC's Broadcasting House giving us an insight in the goings on of Radio 1 in the late hours with presenters Steve Lamacq, Jo Whiley, Mark Radcliffe, Marc Riley, Pete Tong, Andy Kershaw, Tim Westwood, John Peel and Dave Pierce.

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Nightshift - A Night at Radio 1 (Radio 1..

Nightshift - A Night at Radio 1 (Radio 1...As it is) (1995)

Peel appears in the film between 6:10 and 7:10 of the video talking amongst others his role at the station:

"I just come here with a box of records as you see and sit down here and play them on the radio, say what they are, and then go home"

Music opinions amongst DJ's:

"I would never be brave enough to claim I know a good record that other people don't. I might have done back in the early days when I was an opinionated dickhead"

Listeners letters:

"Some of these letters here would doubtless be from people who want to know about a record that I played, they think it was in 1983 and it was a long reggae record and it had the word 'Jah' in it and can I identify it for them, because now 12 years on they want to obtain a copy of it. You get a lot of that and amazing amount of that"

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