• 2001-11-??
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    The cover of Bill Evans & Jim Hall's Undercurrent LP, which Peel bought whilst living in Oklahoma.

    The Picasio's untitled track is a mash-up of DJ Pied Piper & The Masters of Ceremonies's 'Do You Really Like It?' over Harold Faltermeyer's 'Axel F'.
  • Peel mentions rushing out of the house rescuing two elderly couple from his dogs, who were more likely to lick rather than attack them.
  • Peel mentions that his wife Sheila has gone off to see a football match between Ipswich Town and Bolton at Portman Road and in ten days time will go to see Ipswich play against Inter Milan in Italy. The Ipswich match against Bolton took place on Sunday 18th November 2001.
  • Peel plays a track from Black Neon who do an electro cover of Carly Simon's You're So Vain.
  • Peel mentions receiving a phone call from his son William in Newcastle to tell him that he went to see the White Stripes and the Von Bondies with his girlfriend and some other people in Edinburgh last night and thought they were amazing. That concert took place on 16th November 2001.
  • Peel mentions buying a William Bell second hand record last week in London after spending £120 of records in Birmingham and finding out that there was only one decent record out of the pile.
  • Peel mentions whilst playing Chris C & The Doktor's track at Peel Acres before the show, his wife Sheila came in to say to him that he should play that record on his programme.
  • Peel mentions seeing the American Country Music Awards on TV and thought that the women look like playboy bunnies and the music didn't sound country.
  • Peel mentions his daughter Florence rang and told him that she doesn't want him to come to her university (it turns out she went to Liverpool University to study English) or let people know where she is studying. He goes on to say that it is kind of depressing and says she won't even go to the village pub with him in case the wrong people see her. Peel then says the time will come when he'll be dead and she'll regret it.
  • Peel described buying a record by Bill Evans & Jim Hall called Undercurrent whilst living in Oklahoma featuring a beautiful cover, which he could not adequately describe. He goes on to say that he didn't really listen to the music on it, except for the My Funny Valentine track, which he plays on the show.


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