One Man's Week was a weekly 30 minute programme shown on BBC Two in 1971 and in 1975. Each programme focused on a male celebrity who looks back over their week, often portraying aspects of their private lives outside the context of the activity they were famous for. Notable protagonists included J.B. Preistley, Michael Foot MP, Kenny Everett, Alan Bennett, Spike Milligan and Viv Stanshall.

The first season, scheduled under BBC Two's 'Late Night Line-Up' series, ran on Saturday evenings from February to December 1971, with just a four week break during the summer. The 1975 edition was considerably shorter and ran for just five weeks.

Women were also occasionally featured in the first series in 1971, when the programme was renamed to One Woman's Week. This did not occur in the 1975 edition.

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John Peel was the subject of the second episode of the first series, first broadcast on BBC Two on 20 February 1971 at 10.50 pm. The programme seems to have focused in particular on Peel's love for the game of football. The Radio Times listing carries a quote from Peel, "... If I could have been anything, I should like to have been a guitar-playing, motor-racing, professional footballer ...".[1] A lead article in the same edition stated that in the programme Peel, "..will be seen flashing up the field for the Radio One Dynamos and talking to one of his earliest heroes Billy Liddell of Liverpool." [2]

There do not seem to be any archive video recordings or transcripts of this edition of programme available. It seems that only a few episodes survived, due to the BBC policy of wiping programmes in the 60's and 70's.

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