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Onyeka The Torch was the state symbol of SWAPO (South West Africa People's Organization) who were fighting for the independence of Namibia from South Africa, which it achieved in 1990. The group behind Onyeka The Torch were members of SWAPO, who wanted to bring attention to the fight for Namibia's independence to the UK in the 80's, by releasing an album of their songs. The group also collaborated with Robert Wyatt in 1985 under the name of the SWAPO Singers for the song 'The Wind Of Change'.

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Peel played a track from the group from the album 'Namibia Will Be Free' on his 04 March 1985 show and didn't attempt to pronounce the African title. He also played their collaboration with Robert Wyatt's 'The Wind Of Change' song, which reached number 47 in the 1985 Festive Fifty under the name of the SWAPO Singers.

Shows Played

John Peel's Namibian Record

John Peel's Namibian Record

  • 04 March 1985: Ndamono Vakwaita Tavalu (LP - Namibia Will Be Free) Idaf

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