(This page is about the American rock band. For the Scottish indie band of the same name, see Orchids. For the American all male doo wop of the same name, see Orchids(2). For the Japanese hip hop group of the same name, see Orchids(4) and for the female doo wop group of the same name, see Orchids(5))

The Orchids were an all female rock group formed in the late 70's, consisting of members Che Zuro, Jan King, Laurie Bell, Laurie McAllister, Sunbie Sinn. They released one album and several singles, before disappearing in the early 80's.

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Paul Gambaccini played a track from their self titled album in 1980, whilst covering for Peel, when he was ill. It is very unlikely that Peel himself would have played this group on his shows, as available playlists from 1980 suggest he never played any of their tracks. It may have been a favourite of Paul Gambaccini.

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