The Boxer's Heart - Kate Sekules

The Boxer's Heart - Kate Sekules


Out On Blue Six was a 1980s band from Manchester who recorded two Peel sessions and released one single, with three tracks on two compilation LPs. Band consisted of Geoff Woolley, Mike Daly, Nigel Holland, Kate Sekules, who went on to write 'A Boxers Heart' and become a successful journalist, and Carl Marsh who went on to form Shriekback with Barry Andrews of XTC.

Links To Peel

  • Not strictly a link to Peel but it appears that the name of the band was more influential than the music they played. A sci-fi novelist called Ian MacDonald confirmed in a tweet that the name inspired the title for a novel in 1989 following an enquiry from Wiki Member MarkL. Whilst following an enquiry by Wiki Member RobF, Mark Radcliffe confirmed that it inspired his naming of a radio show he hosted on Radio 1 from 1991 to 1993 as "Blue Six was an imaginary planet where music was superior. Mark was marooned 'out there'. Name poss inspired by minor Manc band". Obviously if Mark Radcliffe was the producer of the Out on Blue Six sessions there would be the direct link to Peel but unfortunately it's not as neat as that as the MR responsible for producing their first session was Mike Robinson and Mark Radcliffe did not start producing Peel sessions until 1983. There is also a blog site about all things 80s with the same moniker.
  • According to session notes provided to Peel by the band, their name was an anagram of Louise Buxton who was an associate of theirs.

Festive Fifty Entries

  • None


Two sessions. No known commercial session release.

1. Recorded: 1980-09-09. First broadcast: 16 September 1980. Repeated: 17 February 1981

  • Mascara / Soft Sarcasm / Johnny / Party Mood

2. Recorded: 1981-06-17. First broadcast: 24 June 1981, repeated 16 July 1981.

  • I'm The Man / Personal Politics / Example / Just One Face

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