The Padres is a Singapore indie band formed and fronted in 1991 by Joe Ng, who first emerged several years prior through his electronic project, Corporate Toil. The band name, (stylized as simply "Padres,") came about once Ng saw founding drummer Abdul Nizam wearing a T-shirt with the American baseball team of the same name. A supergroup of sorts, the band's lineup has come to include Patrick Chng (The Oddfellows, Typewriter) on drums, Evan Tan (Opposition Party) on bass, and, in separate incarnations, guitarists Ben Harrison and Nigel Hogan.

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Peel first heard the band's mini album What's Your Story through the Odyssey label and played some of the tracks on his BBC World Service shows. Current playlists on the Peel wikia site does not mention any plays of the band on his BBC Radio One shows.

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The Padres - Mary Said

The Padres - Mary Said


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