"I hope that Herr and Frau Mootz are proud of their little boy Mathis, because he's a hell of a lad, I have to say. That was an extraordinary track." (17 April 1997, referring to second session tune below.)

"Our man Panacea: what a hero." (22 May 2001)

Panacea (since 2005, The Panacea) is the stage name of Mathias Mootz (1976- ), a German musician who served an apprenticeship in classical music and belonged to the boy's choir of Windsbach. He studied music engineering at the SAE Institute and in tandem with this worked for the Chrome label, a subsidiary of Force Inc. Music Works, becoming their A&R manager when it was renamed Position Chrome. To date, he has released 11 albums, the most recent being in 2010, and a large collection of singles, all of which work within the drum and bass genre but include elements of industrial and hardcore (and including samples of Autechre and My Bloody Valentine, among others).

AllMusic notes that "although Mootz's work is reported to be only marginally accepted in his home country (and despite high praise by Empire), the brutalizing, overdriving, near industrial breakbeats and buzzing, hoover-esque basslines of tracks such as "Stormbringer" and "Torture" share much with Berlin hardcore artists." Mathias has worked with a variety of acts and under a panoply of pseudonyms. He recorded one session for the programme in 1997 featuring on the fly remixes of some of his early material, and is noted for energetic live DJ sets, playing one such at Peel's 60th birthday party, where it appeared that he and Peel had, at least physically, something in common:

"Another one of the programme's heroes who was at the party last night was Panacea, who'd come over from Germany especially to play at the party, and was bragging to me (I'd never met him before), but he was bragging to me about the amount of weight that he's lost. Well, I can tell you I gave him a bit of a prod with the forefinger, and he's got some firming up to do. But who am I to talk?" (01 September 1999)

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  • None


  • Two sessions, one taped in his own studio and the other recorded at Peel's 60th birthday party.

1. Recorded: unknown. First broadcast: 17 April 1997. Repeated: 29 May 1997. No known commercial release. Session featured on Peel Spring 1997

  • Vip Hetzjagd / Chrome 14-A Hybris / Chrome 14-B Hedonism

2. Live DJ set, titles unknown. Recorded 1999-08-31. Not listed as a session in Ken Garner's The Peel Sessions. First broadcast: 01 September 1999. No repeats. No known commercial release.

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