Papa Lightfoot - Wine, Women, Whiskey

Papa Lightfoot - Wine, Women, Whiskey

Papa Lightfoot, also known as Papa George Lightfoot (March 2, 1924 – November 28, 1971), born Alexander Lightfoot, was an American blues singer and harmonica player. (read more at Wikipedia)

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In 1968 tracks by Papa Lightfoot appeared on a series of compilation LPs of post-World War Two blues recordings, entitled "Rural Blues" and issued on Imperial Records in the US and Liberty in Britain. This was at the height of the British blues revival, in which Liberty had played a role by recording British artists and issuing LPs by the popular white American blues band (and Peel favourite) Canned Heat. One of their singles, "On The Road Again", had been a surprise Top 5 hit in the UK charts after Peel had played it on Top Gear, so when Peel began to enthuse over Papa Lightfoot's "Wine, Women, Whiskey" (he played it on the Night Ride of 11 December 1968) Liberty issued the track, originally released in the US in 1954, as a single in early 1969. It did not make the charts but its rough-edged sound may well have influenced Dandelion artists Medicine Head. "Wine, Women, Whiskey" subsequently appeared on several blues anthology collections and was revisited by Peel in both 1991 and 1999.

Shows Played

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  • 11 December 1968: Wine, Women And Whisky (LP: Saturday Night Function, Rural Blues Vol.2) Liberty
  • Best Of Peel Vol 37: Wine Women & Whiskey (Compilation LP-Stompin') Stompin' (unknown date, September 1991)
  • 31 March 1999: Wine, Women & Whiskey (LP: Harp Blues) Ace

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